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Avolink International

Welcome to Avolink International – your gateway to a world of legal excellence without borders.
In an era of increasing globalization, cross-border cases are becoming more and more frequent, impacting not just everyday life but also legal practice.
The aim of the cooperation is to connect clients and lawyers from all over to grant quality professional legal advice wherever needed.
For more than 30 years, Avolink has been an efficient alliance covering up all relevant legal districts in Belgium, France, Germany and Netherland and all over the world from USA to New Zeeland (see all countries where we have members, below clicking “other contries section”)
What make us different from other networks is that we offer our clients and partners not only the possibility to find qualified, well-known and tested lawyers in each country, but a very unique wide and widespread choice of lawyers in the territory ( with about 60 members all over Germany, 30 in Belgium, 15 in Netherland, 15 in France…) so that you’ll find the right lawyer exactly where you need it.
When advising clients, we attach great importance to professional and high-quality legal advice. Therefore, the members are assigned to specific areas of law. This guarantees professional legal advice in as many areas of law as possible.
Within the association, we value personal interaction and discussion between the members. Therefore, we regularly organise virtual as well as personal meetings holding technical seminaries and we keep well connected with each other and the outside world (such as potential clients) trough different social networks such as Linkedin and Whatsapp.
This collective exchange of knowledge and dedication to professional growth enables us to deliver exceptional results for both ourselves and our clients.
Join us on a journey where expertise knows no borders: Discover how Avolink International can empower you to navigate the complexities of today’s world.

Advantages of becoming an Avolink member:

  • Receive referrals trough other members
  • Forge strong bonds with top-tier legal minds, fostering a community of collaborative excellence.
  • Enjoy a supportive network that aids in client acquisition, care, and support, ensuring success for all members.
  • Elevate your legal practice with high-quality representation before foreign courts, bolstered by the collective expertise of AVOLINK.
  • Experience exclusivity within your legal field and district court, free from internal competition among members.
  • Embark on a journey of continuous learning with access to engaging training events both locally and internationally, validated by official certifications.
  • Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of professional and cultural exchange, connecting with legal peers across borders.
  • Amplify your firm’s visibility and impact through collaborative public relations and advertising efforts with the internationally recognized brand “Avolink”.
  • Enjoy linking your webpage or your social medias with Avolink’s one, to bust your law firm’s visibility.
  • Avolink being a shier lawyer’s association (no commercial activity at all) allow us to keep very moderate membership fees, ensuing maximum value for your investment
  • How we work

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    Get legal advice
    Appointment lawyer
    Legal problem solved

    What our clients say about us

    The cooperation with the French offices is running smoothly. The relationship between Jan Leysen and his international colleagues makes cooperation easy. They also immediately know we expect quality.

    - Serge Ponet (Legal J. Cortes Cigars - 20 september 2018

    The only thing that remains is for me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your human approach and expertise. I also want to thank you for the fact that you were so easily to get in contact with during this entire period for all advice, including by telephone and by mail. I want you to know that you both really made a difference in my life, and what I can still make of it … Thank you very much for that. Still, I hope I never need you again, but if someone else is in that case, I will recommend you and your Truyens lawyers firm. Thanks again.

    - I.O. uit L. - 31 oktober 2018

    Direct and practical approach, good communication and agreements. Truyens Advocaten offers exceptionally good service and achieves results.

    - P.V.K. uit M. - 3 november 2018

    Thanks for the pragmatic advice and your motivation to find a solution that both parties could agree with, rather than letting ourselves get drowned in legal procedures with a lot of uncertainty.

    – S.V. from S. – November 10, 2018

    - S.V. uit S. - 10 november 2018

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